Change for the better, the greatest motto in life.
That frustrating moment when you realize he is gay.

That frustrating moment when you realize he is gay.

Still going to try cross stitching :D

Still going to try cross stitching :D

15 day realizations

I will never forget August 1 to 15 because of this day that I learned that:

1. No one cares about you because you do not care about anyone.

2. You must balance your relationship between your family and friends.

3. You must never look stupid no matter what happens.

4. Even though you do not like it you must sometimes ask help from people you do not want to ask help with.

5. Don’t depend on others as much as possible if you need to repay it.

6. All the frustrations and sadness you felt for the last 15 days you will never ever allow yourself to experience it ever again.

7. You must continue with life no matter what happens.

8.  You must go where fate leads you.

9. Stick to your rules.

10. Smile and endure everything.

11. Tomorrow is another day to make everything right and every hour is a chance to attain you happiness.

12. You cannot stay the way you are now, you must fight, conquer and  succeed in seizing you life.

13. You must hide your pain because no one really cares.

14. You must always be true to yourself.

15. Do not whine no matter how frustrating things might get.

There are some people who could hear you speak a thousand words, and still not understand you. And there are others who will understand—without you even speaking a word. Yasmin Mogahed. (via theblacksophisticate)

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Pi - One of the boys I would want to snug a date this day.

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